Winterreise Projekt: schmerzreaktion

Here’s a clip from the end of the half hour presentation, featuring the pieces Die Krähe (The Crow) and Letztes Hoffnung (Last Hope). More info below.

Winterreise Projekt is back! After a bit of a hiatus, I’ve been asked to present a portion of it as part of Luminato this year. On Sunday, June 8, 8:15 pm, I’ll be making a special presentation at the McMichael Gallery:

Winterreise Projekt reconceptualizes Franz Schubert’s celebrated song cycle “Winterreise” into a distinctly Canadian landscape that interstitially incorporates the contemporary, the public and the private. This iteration of the project features the choreography of William Yong (Zata Omm Dance Projects) and the music direction of Jialiang Zhu, in an in-depth exploration of physicality, dance and the themes of “Winterreise”.

I am super excited to be working with William Yong again. This one-night-only presentation will precede a new installation piece by Terence Koh. More info below.

Admission is FREE!

There is a shuttle bus for $10 that leaves 7pm from 200 Wellington Street West (Metro Centre Wellington Tower). For tickets click HERE.

tomorrow’s snow and a way to the light
tomorrow’s snow, an ephemeral yet enduringly powerful new concept by Beijing-born, Canadian-raised artist Terence Koh, began to take shape a year ago with a poetic email from Koh to Luminato Festival artistic director Jorn Weisbrodt.

deer jorn,” he wrote, “I just had an idea for the piece at the luminato festival. its based on a margaret atwood novel i remember reading when i was 8 years old. take a public square in toronto that has trees in it. fill the plaza with tapiaco powder so it looks like freshly fallen snow in summer. have an 8-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl holding hands and dressed simply in all white. they make snow angels for eight minutes.