Head à Tête

The first time I worked with Theatre Direct was on this awesome show which is sometimes referred to as Waiting for Godot for young audiences. I was a substitute for Yves/Moitié for a school tour in the Fall of 2012. It was the first time I performed in French. It was also easily the most physical show I’ve ever done, which involved running around in a tiny box, dancing, fighting, destroying food, and generally being a human cartoon character. And that’s not counting the schlepping of the set, or the screaming over 150 excited 5 year olds.

Still, it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

Head à Tête is a charming, insightful and often side-splittingly funny play that follows the story of two strangers who overcome the barriers of language and mistrust to find friendship.

Set in a barren, cold and windy land that was once a beautiful garden, Head à Tête unfolds with the arrival of a strange cage-like object. As if triggered by the presence of life, a magical tree bearing “fruit” begins to grow. When two strangers, one French-speaking and one English-speaking, appear from opposite directions and discover the tree and the sanctuary it provides, a stand off begins. Frustration and conflict grows with each word spoken, but it is through the loss and re-birth of the tree that they find peace in each other’s company.

Theatre Direct presents

Head à Tête
by David S. Craig & Robert Morgan

Director: Thomas Morgan Jones
Set & Costume Designer: Lindsay Anne Black
Lighting Designer: David DeGrow
Sound Design/Composition: Desbashis Sinha