Melancholiac: The Music Of Scott Walker

From teen idol to hero of experimental music, Scott Walker’s journey is one of pop’s strangest. Scott has become a modern-day Orpheus, descending into the underworld and returning to the world above somehow touched. His newest music is dark, complex, experimental and concerned as much with pure sound as it is with melody and harmony. Like Samuel Beckett, Scott Walker pares his sounds and words down to the essential, in his continuous exploration of timbres and palettes. Scott Walker defies definition, transcending the worlds of pop and classical music.

Part concert, part spectacle, part existential variety show – itself based on Walker’s failed BBC talk show from the late 60s – Melancholiac celebrates not only the genius of Scott Walker, but also the incredible journey that his music takes: from 60’s dance hall crooning to contemporary psychohistorical epic; from the Walker Brothers to Brel to Bish Bosch.

Melancholiac features unique sonic and visual interpretations of Walker’s music by Gregory Oh (Toca Loca and Soulpepper) and Adam Paolozza (Bad New Days), featuring special guests Patricia O’Callaghan, Prince Nifty (Matt Smith), and more.

Bad News Days presents at SummerWorks 25

Melancholiac: The Music of Scott Walker
Tuesday, August 11 6:30pm/9:30pm

Scotiabank Studio Theatre
6 Noble Street Toronto

Ticket Price: $15

Featuring: Prince Nifty, Patricia O’Callaghan, Adam Paolozza and others

Music Director: Gregory Oh