Play Of Daniel

I got to work with the inimitable brothers Fallis and the incredible musicians of Toronto Consort on this amazing gem of Medieval music theatre. It was amazing fun, with lots of debauchery, drinking, and general blaspheming. I even got to wear an ass-hat and I threw people into a lions’ den. Who knew Medieval music was so much fun? Alex Fallis’ light-hearted and inventive direction matched David Fallis’ new English text perfectly, and the VIVA! Youth Singers brought much verve and energy. This is one I’ll remember for a long time.

Toronto Consort presents

Play of Daniel

May 22-24, 2015
Trinity-St Paul’s United Church

Featuring: Kevin Skelton, Olivier Laquerre, Derek Kwan, Bud Roach, and the VIVA! Youth Singers of Toronto.

Director: Alex Fallis
Musical Direction: David Fallis
Costume Designer: Michelle Bailey
Set and Lighting Designer: Glenn Davidson

Bud Roach and David Fallis give Derek Kwan some bad advice; photo by Glenn Davidson