Red Kite: Brown Box

This is one of my most favourite projects I have ever worked on. The concept was brilliant, the children were so wonderful, and we could really feel the impact we had on them and their families.

From November 25 – 30, 2013, Theatre Direct Canada partnered with The Chicago Children’s Theatre to bring Artistic Director Jacqueline Russell and production manager Dawn Akelis to Toronto with the aim of creating a scratch performance for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). “Red Kite” is the title of an exciting series of multi-sensory theatrical experiences for children with ASD. Developed by Jacqueline Russell, Red Kite performances are created for small audiences of no more than 10 children and encourage direct interaction between the audience and the performers. – Read more HERE

We spent the week learning about the needs of children with ASD, how to create theatre specific to those needs, and performing for children from the Beverley School. Their faces and how they responded to the show are some of the most priceless moments I’ve ever had in the theatre.