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“Kwan steals the show with an empathetic portrayal of Michael, the accommodating yet frustrated wholesale shop owner. The ensemble, especially the dynamic between each respective married couple, is engaging and brimming  (yet at times overflowing) with vitality.” – Yuan-Ming Chiao, The China Post

“I was honestly left shaking my head in disbelief at how richly Hu, Kwan, Ong and Yong were effortlessly able to convey their very distinct and ever-changing characters.” –  Typing to Taipei

“Derek Kwan’s show-stealing portrayal of Michael, awkward, chittering, yet brimming with latent menace, reinforced the notion that dust was going to be kicked up.”  – James Robert Baron, The Writing Baron

“I loved the concept for this production. We made the theatre look like an apartment, with the audience seated around the perimeter. The stage in the middle was a sandbox, simultaneously a living room, a playground, a gladiatorial ring, the desert. The audience was both implicated and immersed in the action— including being showered with flower petals.” — Derek

Yasmina Reza’s brutally hilarious play rips off the civilized masks society wears to reveal the savage truth below. This unique theatre-in-the-round production offered audiences a gripping theatrical experience Taipei had not seen before in the intimate setting of the Lab Space. God of Carnage was a truly international collaboration. Butterfly Effect Theatre welcomed its first international guest director, Bangkok-based Latin American director Jaime Zúñiga. The play also starred 4 of the finest young actors in Taiwan’s performing arts community: Taiwanese actress Lesley Hu as Annette, Canadian actor Derek Kwan as Michael, New York-based Malaysian actress Hui-Shurn Yong as Veronica and Taiwan-based Malaysian actor Lawrence Ong as Alan. Performed in English with Chinese subtitles.

Butterfly Effect Theatre and the LAB Space present:

God of Carnage
by Yasmina Reza
English translation by Christopher Hampton

June 17 – July 3, 2016
The LAB Space, Taipei

Lesley Hu, Derek Kwan, Hui-Shurn Yong, Lawrence Ong

Director: Jaime Zúñiga
Costume Designer: Jenna Robinette
Set Designer: Chih-Yi Yang

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