I, Claudia

You’re about to meet one extraordinary adolescent: Claudia. Aged twelve and three quarters, she finds herself suffering from the triple afflictions of puberty, unpopularity, and her parents’ divorce. Finding refuge in the basement of her school, Claudia discovers the pain at the centre of her brimming child’s heart, while her grandfather, her father’s new girlfriend, and the school custodian, shed light on her situation. Alternately heartbreakingly sad and wrenchingly funny, I, Claudia casts a theatrical spell of rare power.

I, Claudia is a modern Canadian classic written and originally performed by Kristen Thomson. To vividly portray all four characters, Derek Kwan has brought Kristen’s masks to Taiwan for this special production. I, Claudia has toured extensively around Canada and was the winner of the 2001 Dora Mavor Moore Award (Toronto’s theatre awards)for Outstanding New Play. A portion of the proceeds from this production will benefit Garden of Hope, a charitable organization in Taiwan focusing on women’s issues.


《我,克勞迪亞》是加拿大現代戲劇的經典作品,由Kristen Thomson原創與演出。這次由關顯揚一人擔綱演出,用Thomson提供獨創的面具來飾演劇中四個角色。本演出之所得將提供給勵馨基金會,讓我們一起為台灣女性們奮鬥。

I‭, ‬Claudia‭ ‬is blissfully funny and unexpectedly touching‭.‬” – Richard Ouzounian‭, ‬Toronto Star

Winner of the 2001‭ ‬Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding New Play

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Claudia 3v2Claudia 9Claudia 6Leslie 2Leslie 1Drachman 3Drachman 2Drachman 1Douglas 2Douglas 1Claudia 8Claudia 7Claudia 1Claudia 2Claudia 4Claudia 5

The LAB Space Presents
In Association with Butterfly Effect Theatre Co.
A Theatre Ignite Production:

I, Claudia
by Kristen Thomson

January 13-15, 20-22, 2017
The LAB Space, Taipei, Taiwan

Performer: Derek Kwan
Outside Eye: Luc Ducros
Stage Manager: Erin Vasseur